Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eventful Week...

Going to the beach in...hold on while I count...10 days!! I LOVE Navarre Beach in Florida. It is so beautiful. It is one of my FAVORITE places...well, now that I've met David. David grew up going to Navarre at least twice a year. His aunt and uncle have a house there. He also has a good friend whose parents have two condos there.'s always a fun trip. I went for the first time after David and I met over two years ago. And, at this point, I've already lost count of how many times we've been. It's just OUR place! :-)

Here are some pictures from our first trip two years ago. Don't ask what is going on with my hair...not the most flattering picture. :-)

So...once we get back from our Easter trip to Navarre...we will be heading to my parents for the next weekend. My parents both have birthdays in April (April 15 and April 17). My dad is going to be SIXTY! So...we are giving him a SURPRISE birthday dinner!! He will be THRILLED! If you knew my dad at would sense every bit of sarcasm that was intended! :-) Well...this was the only way he would let us actually celebrate his birthday. Just don't tell him! mom and I are hosting. I decided to not do the typical black balloons and over the hill stuff. It's a PARTY! :-) So, I'm doing a 50's theme. And Mo...if you are reading...I LOVED your diner from Alphafest and scoped it all out to find some ideas! I'm also putting together a CD of 50's music...hope the two baptist preachers there don't mind! :-) I'll be sure and post pictures as soon as we have them.

And now for the highlight of my week. I was in a wreck last Thursday. My poor poor car. Only 1 and a half years old. My FIRST EVER BRAND NEW CAR!! So, the girl attempted to make an illegal left hand turn, didn't bother checking the turning lane that I was in and smashed into the passenger side of my car. Long story short...the girl stopped briefly and was quite insistant that she get back to work and just wanted to exchange numbers. While she WAS wearing scrubs...I'm pretty sure she was not rushing back for brain surgery!! Anyway...she left the scene and finally returned about an hour later with her mother and another man. By then my stress level was maxed out, I had given the policeman my statement and tow truck my car! I also had and ANGEL who saw the entire thing, stayed with me and PRAYED with me until I left. The policeman said I could go and he would deal with her. So, I'm still waiting on the police report to see how he "dealt with her." As of yesterday, the damage was up to $8,400. He said he was only $3,000 away from it being a total loss. He still hadn't figured the airbags inside and the damage underneath. Anyway...being that my car is only a year and a half old...I'm not sure which way I won't that to go. So...I just pray God takes care of it and I know he will. The IMPORTANT thing is...I am NOT hurt and neither was she. As my dad said...a car can be fixed. So...I will leave you with a few pictures of my car...and I am off to bed!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Still Here!!

Has it really been 3 months?? I'm not so sure anyone is still checking in. Can't blame you...but, I'm back and ready to update!

Well...I've been married ALMOST six months! We are very happy and still trying to get used to all of the madness. Lucie and I had gotten used to our quiet time alone at night. Well, now there is David and me; two girls and three dogs!! It's madness here! But, I love every minute of it!

I think I last posted that we were house hunting. We have put that idea aside and we are just working on updating this house. It's a SLOW process. I am NOT good at picking out paint colors, so my dining room is currently has primer on it and has for about 2 months. :-) SOON...I will have color on that wall again.

Lucie is adjusting, well...she's TRYING. Sort of. She's EXTREMELY jealous of Daisy and we are not allowed to show any affection towards Daisy or Lucie goes NUTS! However, they do like to team up with one another when it comes to barking! In fact, yesterday (keep in mind that I am SICK) the mail lady comes into the yard. I had just gotten home and David had left to pick up the girls from school. I was standing by the door with the door open. Daisey CHARGED at the mail lady with Lucie following right behind. So, the mail lady is RUNNING down the street, the dogs are charging behind her and I am running behind the entire crowd screaming for the dogs! I felt so horrible for the mail lady...but, it was a little funny later. Of course, I knew that they would NEVER bite...but, she didn't know that. Bless her heart. I'm sure she resigned before finishing her route.

Here's a funny! I'm taking a pilates class that is actually intended for women who have had children! It is an 8 weeks class (one night a week). The instructor and I discussed my back pain issues and we both thought I would really benefit from this class. So, I'm two weeks in...I'm really hoping (more than having flat abs!) that this will eliminate or at least reduce some of the back pain I have had since college!

Also new with me...I am joining Junior League here in Baton Rouge. I'm actually really excited about it. I think it will be something fun to do, get me involved in new things...and will hopefully also help me come out of my shell a little. I can very much be an introvert. :-) So...I think this is going to be a good thing for me.

I also did FINALLY pick out furniture...did I mention that already?? Sorry...I've been home sick today and have worked on this update in between naps. So...I forget what I have mentioned. Anyway...I'm going to take some pictures and post for you. I'll also post later about our St. Patrick's Day Party. Not many pictures...but, I'll post a few later.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW in South Louisiana?!?!

What will people think?? Two posts in two days!!

This is a big one though! It's something so rare...that not many people can say they have ever seen this in South Louisiana! :-) SNOW! And, LOTS of it! David woke us all up at 5:30 this morning and told us we better get up and see the snow before it stopped. didn't just kept coming and then it got heavier and heavier...and it actually stuck to the ground! It was a pretty exciting morning for all of us...and got even better once school was cancelled! Even Lucie loved it...she just couldn't get enough of it! I took LOTS of pictures and couldn't figure out the best way to show them.

I came across a way of creating my own Web site to show off pictures. So...try this out. It is not supposed to make you sign, let me know if you have trouble. There are also pictures of my Christmas decorations.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Thanks Cheryl for checking in on me. I know it's been awhile. It actually took being home sick today to find time to update here.

It's been so long that I'm not sure where to start. So, I'll just start with Thanksgiving. David, his girls and I spent Thanskgiving in Navarre Beach, Florida. It was SOO nice.

We had a week of beautiful sunsets...

We stayed in a beautiful house...

With LOTS of beautiful kids... (right to left, Emelie, Angela, Milo, Sarie and Victoria)

And...LOTS of birds!! :-) We all had the bright idea of feeding the birds from our back deck. They were NOT happy when the bread ran out! :-)

I think I may get David to take some pictures of my Christmas decorations to post tomorrow...or one day soon! :-)

What else?? OH yes...we are house shopping! Well, we're not sure if we are actually moving...but, just looking. Trying to decide if we want to move or just remodel the house we are in. Up until today, I had decided to just remodel this house...but, the realtor sent us a house today that I LOVE! It's in our price range...but NOT in the area David wants. He does not even consider this area Baton Rouge! :-) Oh well...we will just keep looking...or I'll just beg a little harder!!

Ok...I must share my latest addiction too. My friend, Amanda, introduced me to Twilight. Yes, I was hooked. I've read all 4 books and seen the movie...3 times. Yes, Amanda and I are addicted!! (Sorry to call you out Amanda...but, I never go down alone!) So, anyway...I have asked Santa for the 4 hardbacks so I can start reading them again. :-) If you haven't read them...I recommend that you do!

I'm going back to sleep now! Hope you all are enjoying the COLD day. I hope to post my Christmas decor soon!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Two weeks ago YESTERDAY...I was getting married in Lake Tahoe!

It was GORGEOUS! The view was amazing. I have used the word "perfect" to describe it to everyone. I may have overused it a bit...but, it was PERFECT! It was the perfect setting, perfect ceremony, my flowers were perfect. We were sooo happy with everything. My parents were there and one of David's brothers from San Francisco was there with his wife and baby. We had a wonderful time!

Being that I am not a huge fan of flying...the flights there were a little scary...even for David. So, being that he knew I was a little anxious coming home...he surprised me and upgraded us to first class coming home! Did I marry a great guy, or what!?! It was pretty nice, I have to say. I've never flown first class, but I told him I was spoiled now...I can never fly in the back with the "common" people again!! :-) Yea...he just said NOT to get used to, I guess I am back to being a "common" person again! Oh was fun while it lasted!

I wish I could post ALL of my pictures...but, obviously, I can't. I'll post a few and then see if I can at least post a link to snapfish where all of my pictures are uploaded. Then, you can go and look if you would like. We did take TONS of pictures!! (Ok...couldn't do the snapfish thing. Sorry...I'll try to figure something else out.)
This is my mom and me.

This is our family who was there. Left to right...David's brother Jonathan, his son Milo and his wife Sarah; David and me; and my mom and dad.

One of the highlights of our trip was the BEAR SIGHTING! He was only about 20 yards from us. He didn't do too much but just stand there...but, I was pretty excited. I'll post the video of that! Sorry...didn't have the actual video on my, here is a link to You Tube.

So, the last week and a half we have been slowly moving me in. It has been a LONG slow process...but, we're getting settled. After our HUGE garage sale this weekend...I'll finally be able to clear out a TON of boxes. So...if you're in the Baton Rouge area this weekend and are looking for some good JUNK...just email me and I'll give you the address! :-)

Thanks for all the comments, too, on the LSU letters in the yard. I have a bit of sad news. The tradition of the letters is that they begin growing in early August. The letters continue to grow until LSU loses. Now, exceptions have been made if LSU has a good game but just can't pull out the win. HOWEVER...after Saturday nights game against Florida...well, I don't even have the words. THE LETTERS ARE GONE!!! David was out Sunday morning mowing them down! I would have taken a picture's just too sad to see a grown man cry! :-) So...we need to move on...and just hope our players actually SHOW UP for this Saturday's game!! GEAUX TIGERS!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Week From Today...

I will be Mrs. David Knight!!

AWW...isn't it sweet?? :-) So...we have a busy week ahead of us. And I am SOO one to make many LISTS. It drives David crazy...but, I keep us organized! My sweet friends have been sooo...well, SWEET!! Three of my wonderful friends gave me a surprise shower last Tuesday night and we are going out for a small bachelorette dinner tomorrow night. On Tuesday, my work peeps are giving me a shower too! Isn't that sweet?? Ok...I need to lay off the "sweet." Anyway...everyone has been so nice to make this a special time for David and I and we are so very grateful!

My parents will be here on Wednesday. They are leaving for Tahoe on Thursday and we are leaving on Friday. I think it's a little unfair that they get to leave for OUR wedding trip before us!! But, that's ok...they have to leave earlier than, I guess it's ok. :-)

I won't even share my list with so massive that it makes me a little anxious. And, can you believe they are actually making me WORK this week!! Who has time for that?? I actually went in for about 5 hours yesterday. As soon as I workout and finish this blog, I am going back to work again. BIG FUN! :-)

So...I'll try to update again this week. If not...sorry, but, it will be after we get back from Tahoe. IF anyone is reading anyway! :-)

Have a great week!! GEAUX TIGERS!! Here is a picture of David's front yard. He let's the letters grow until LSU loses. He really thought he was going to have to mow them down last night. Thank GOODNESS, he didn't have too!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And on the 8th Day, God said...


Thank you, JESUS!! I have power in my apartment...AND CABLE!!! WHOO HOO!! I have been missing me some junk TV. Just in time for Big Brother tonight!! :-)

Ok...just stopped by to say that...on my way out to be fitted for my wedding dress...which is less than 3 weeks away!! LOVE my dress. My mom and I finally found it finally seems like a real wedding now!

Ok...more later. Keep is HOT down here and there are still many without power. My sweet fiance being one of the them...and MY side of the street at work.